The Anglican church in Colorado is a vibrant, diverse community of Christians devoted to worship, discipleship, and mission across the state.  However, we are scattered - both geographically and jurisdictionally - and need a place to work together, dream together, and encourage one another as we seek to embody the kingdom of God in our corners of Colorado. The Colorado Anglican Society, through its diverse board and events, seeks to be that much needed gathering place.

Anglicans in Colorado have a deep desire to participate in God's mission in the world. Through our annual Prayer Summits, we support our church's important efforts in prayer, and look for ways that churches can empower and partner with one another where possible.

Anglicans in Colorado also have a history of raising up and sending out kingdom laborers to start and sustain ministry here and around the world. Through partnerships with Denver Seminary and cross-jurisdictional formation opportunities, we seek to raise up a next generation of leaders that will serve the church - and our world - well.

In summary, our mission is simply to foster unity, mission, and leadership development in the Anglican church in Colorado for the sake of the kingdom in our corner of the world...and beyond!